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I recently attended a lovely wedding of a couple in their mid twenties. At the reception one of the groomsmen’s toasts to the couple caught me completely by surprise. He toasted the bride and groom that they might enjoy many happy years together, just had their parents have enjoyed. “You two are the only couple […]

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I am always very cautious my blog posts details are vague enough so clients do not recognize themselves or feel their privacy has been violated or a trust broken. I met with these clients over a year ago and I will not identify the parents as either Mom or Dad, simply as parents. I also […]

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Scenes from the orthodontist’s office I was waiting at the orthodontist’s office during my child’s appointment. I was seated next to the office door of the financial administer which was closed and I could only hear muffled conversation. Someone opened the front door which caused the financial administrator’s door to pop open slightly. She did […]

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My younger daughter and I volunteer at a food shelf as shoppers. We meet the clients and guide them through the shelves of the food shelf helping them make their selections and making certain they do not miss any categories. The broad spectrum of clients always amazes me; from young single mothers, to singles adults, […]

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DIY Divorce?

Is there such a thing as DIY ( Do It Yourself) divorce? Years ago stationery stores carried racks of legal contracts such as leases, sales agreements, financial contracts and even divorce paperwork. The forms were boiler plate agreements with blanks left to be completed with your names, information and specific information. The internet now has […]

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Myth #2: A couple can only mediate if they have equal power. There are not many marriages where both spouses have equal advocacy skills. Ideally, both parties have equal bargaining power, but if they don’t which is more often the case, the mediator’s job is to empower the party who may not feel as comfortable […]

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I have decided to start my blog by dispelling some of the myths about mediation. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and I’d like to try to clear some of that up by sharing accurate information regarding mediation and the services that mediators offer. Myth #1: Only people who agree can mediate. If […]

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