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I am always very cautious my blog posts details are vague enough so clients do not recognize themselves or feel their privacy has been violated or a trust broken. I met with these clients over a year ago and I will not identify the parents as either Mom or Dad, simply as parents. I also […]

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Scenes from the orthodontist’s office I was waiting at the orthodontist’s office during my child’s appointment. I was seated next to the office door of the financial administer which was closed and I could only hear muffled conversation. Someone opened the front door which caused the financial administrator’s door to pop open slightly. She did […]

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A Scene From the Recital Hall- I recently attended a recital on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.  Let’s be honest, other than the recital student you attend to hear perform their recital piece, your mind begins to wander, at least mine does. I was seated to the back of the recital space which gave me a […]

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