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Divorce can be a terrifying and confusing process. Everyone has an opinion as to what are the best options for you to pursue. Should you try to mediate first, retain an attorney immediately, move out, stay put together in the same house? Empty out joint bank accounts, take only half the funds? Everyone has a […]

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53 Paper Bags

53 Paper Bags In early January I received a call from a mediation client. She is an elderly woman who had been a participant in an elder care issue with her children. She left me a voicemail asking me to send her a copy of her mediation receipt as she could not locate it or […]

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Why choose mediation? I believe we have all had a similar experience, either with a friend or acquaintance or perhaps ourselves. If you were to ask a recently divorced individual the following questions, the answers are likely universal and firm- -Did you feel honored and respected throughout the legal process? -Do you believe the legal […]

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My younger daughter and I volunteer at a food shelf as shoppers. We meet the clients and guide them through the shelves of the food shelf helping them make their selections and making certain they do not miss any categories. The broad spectrum of clients always amazes me; from young single mothers, to singles adults, […]

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This entry is reposted from an excellent article. It is worth reposting. “10 Signs Your Kid Is Handling Divorce in a Positive Way by Rosalind Sedacca Divorce and Parenting Coach, Author, Founder of Child-Centered Divorce Network We all know divorce can take its toll on both parents and their children. However, that doesn’t have to […]

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Marriage Mentor

I recently attended a lovely wedding of a couple in their mid twenties. At the reception one of the groomsmen’s toast to the couple caught me completely by surprise. He toasted the bride and groom that they might enjoy many happy years together, just had their parents have enjoyed. “You two are the only couple […]

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Mediation is a wonderful tool and an alternative to traditional legal processes. Mediation really shines in divorce settlements if the parties involved are willing to try to separate their financial, property and custody issues from their emotional needs and feelings.   How do people find and choose a mediator to work with? Honestly the process […]

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DIY Divorce?

Is there such a thing as DIY ( Do It Yourself) divorce? Years ago stationery stores carried racks of legal contracts such as leases, sales agreements, financial contracts and even divorce paperwork. The forms were boiler plate agreements with blanks left to be completed with your names, information and specific information. The internet now has […]

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War of the Roses

In 1989 Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner starred in the movie The War of The Roses. They played a wealthy divorcing couple trying to get the other to leave the house. They destroy the house, ruin cars, swing from chandeliers and just behave badly. They were stubborn, self indulgent, childish and evil. Almost 25 years […]

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