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Taboo $$$$

When a server narrates a special entrée or a featured dish but does not state the price I have an internal cringe moment. “How much does it cost?” I want to ask but I dread asking. My younger daughter just got her first job. I asked her what she would be paid and I saw […]

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New Year appears in the shadows of winter, nudging us along, motivating our gluttonous souls forward into the growing light of future months.  Resolutions are made with intention and yet our resolutions often fall away, leaving behind a dimming glimmer of our hopes and dreams for ourselves, unmet and abandoned.  Many resolutions are familiar to us as we […]

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Scenes from the orthodontist’s office I was waiting at the orthodontist’s office during my child’s appointment. I was seated next to the office door of the financial administer which was closed and I could only hear muffled conversation. Someone opened the front door which caused the financial administrator’s door to pop open slightly. She did […]

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53 Paper Bags

53 Paper Bags In early January I received a call from a mediation client. She is an elderly woman who had been a participant in an elder care issue with her children. She left me a voicemail asking me to send her a copy of her mediation receipt as she could not locate it or […]

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My younger daughter and I volunteer at a food shelf as shoppers. We meet the clients and guide them through the shelves of the food shelf helping them make their selections and making certain they do not miss any categories. The broad spectrum of clients always amazes me; from young single mothers, to singles adults, […]

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Recently I was speaking with a new client to schedule an initial mediation session for a divorce. She does not work on Fridays and her husband usually can leave work early on Friday afternoons. We were looking for Friday appointment times. “How about Friday February 14th?” I suggested. “Hmmm, no, that is just too sad.” […]

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War of the Roses

In 1989 Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner starred in the movie The War of The Roses. They played a wealthy divorcing couple trying to get the other to leave the house. They destroy the house, ruin cars, swing from chandeliers and just behave badly. They were stubborn, self indulgent, childish and evil. Almost 25 years […]

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Myth #2: A couple can only mediate if they have equal power. There are not many marriages where both spouses have equal advocacy skills. Ideally, both parties have equal bargaining power, but if they don’t which is more often the case, the mediator’s job is to empower the party who may not feel as comfortable […]

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I have decided to start my blog by dispelling some of the myths about mediation. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and I’d like to try to clear some of that up by sharing accurate information regarding mediation and the services that mediators offer. Myth #1: Only people who agree can mediate. If […]

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