What is a mediation session like?

Mediation is a customized service fitted to each individual issue and participant. Clean Slate Mediation is committed to create a mediation session setting that is very comfortable for the parties both in the physical meeting space and also in the tone and pace of the mediation process. Just as no two piano teachers teach students exactly the same, no two mediators facilitate their sessions exactly the same way.

Mediation takes place in a private conference room with the mediator and participating parties present. There are no laptops or cell phones to create a disturbance or interruption.  The mediator and the parties create an agenda for the session, agree to the goal for the session and simply begin to discuss, share and brainstorm toward the goal. The sessions generally last two hours but the length is very flexible. It progress is being made sessions may run longer, assuming both parties have the time available. Each mediation client is different and each session is different.  Some clients will engage in a great deal of back and forth and be very emotional and responsive.  Other clients may choose to speak just a few words and may not participate much at all.  The mediator focuses equal attention on both parties, even though parties may have different communication styles. Some sessions can be very emotional and difficult; others can be very business like and factual. Some sessions conclude with a great sense of relief and closure.  It depends entirely on the direction the parties choose.  The mediator is trained to walk equally with parties through the entire process.

In mediation you are a full participant in the process and working toward a mutually determined goal.  Each party focuses their attention on a mutually sustainable outcome, instead of their own interests only or even on a cheap divorce.  After each mediation session each party will receive the exact same written summary from the session notes. Any change, corrections or discrepancies will be addressed at the next session.

Clean Slate Mediation walks with you through the mediation process and ensures both parties' concerns are addressed and honored. To learn more about our services, contact Sheila-Marie at 612-308-9994.

Our service area includes: Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN, Western Wisconsin, Hudson, River Falls, Stillwater, Woodbury, Lake Elmo, Afton, Cottage Grove, Oakdale, Maplewood, White Bear Lake, Washington County, and Ramsey County in Minnesota. Clean Slate Mediation is a neutral mediator.