What is mediation?

Simply stated, mediation is a framed discussion guided by a trained neutral who strives to keep the discussion positive and productive. Mediators are not functioning as counselors, therapists, attorneys, social workers or advisors. Mediators are trained as facilitators to guide discussions, and focus conflict so that it can be productive and track progress and outcomes.

Mediators are trained to facilitate conversations and discussions all while remaining neutral.  A mediator does not generally make suggestions or offer solutions.  Instead a mediator will work with the parties and help the parties create their own solutions.

A mediator does not and can not give legal advice. Some mediators are also attorneys but when they are working as mediators they can not give any legal advice. Attorneys can train to be mediators and many have completed the training.  Your current attorney could not realistically be neutral though as your mediator because they also represent you.

Mediation sessions often touch on areas that could or might require additional services such as therapy, social work or financial advisors.  Mediators have resources and referrals available to help you if you need other professional assistance. Most divorces do not qualify as a cheap divorce. Too much is at stake to act without advice and guidance.  For example, a divorce mediation process would involve professional assistance form attorneys, quite possibly a financial planner, a CPA for tax questions and implications, therapists working with the divorcing couple or the couple's children if they have children, social services if the family has been involved receiving services and countless other professional capacities. Often complicated emotional and logistical concerns pepper child custody issues. Child custody mediation can be a major element of marital mediation sessions. Child custody mediation can also continue after a divorce has been finalized. The mediator incorporates all those providers and services together and helps the parties sift through all the information to make their best informed decisions.

Clean Slate Mediation walks with you through the mediation process and ensures both parties' concerns are addressed and honored. To learn more about our services, contact Sheila-Marie at 612-308-9994.

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