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How can I help you?

As a neutral mediator, Sheila-Marie provides the following mediation services:


Divorce mediation is your chance to be an active participant in your divorce settlement. In mediation each party shares their thoughts and concerns regarding all elements of their divorce.

Parental Agreements

Parenting Consultants work with couples to resolve conflicts and create working plans to positively and effectively parent their children.

Child Custody

Mediation is an excellent opportunity and a cost effective alternative to create a living and viable arrangement and plan for your children.

Dispute Resolution

Mediation is an opportunity to "talk out" conflict and create a resolution to a dispute. Issues can develop between people that potentially are not legal or judicial issues, but yet require discussion and processing.

Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflicts are often very responsive to mediation. The ongoing day to day conflicts and issues can create a strained and sometimes toxic workplace.

Business Conflicts

Business partnerships, relationship and interactions are very similar to our personal relationships in that business relationships require and thrive on trust, mutual benefit, growth and development just as our personal relationships do.

What My Clients Have Said

"Take my advice, start with mediation."

Sheila-Marie helped my ex-husband and I finally resolve our divorce settlement. I wish I had started with mediation instead of defaulting to mediation after we literally ran out of "extra" money to pay our attorneys. Take my advice, start with mediation.

"That was a year ago and we are still doing well."

My ex and I both remarried other partners and the tension around parenting and custody continued to grow until none of us adults could function as adults anymore. Sheila-Marie set-up a guided a mediation with all four of us present. I never thought it could work but it meant we all knew all the same information and there were no more opportunities of she said/she said or he said/he said. She had us speak one at a time in a circle. No one was allowed to interrupt anyone else. That was a year ago and we are stilling doing well.

"I told them both it was mediation or out!"

I had two employees that were practically at each others' throats most of the day. I told them both it was mediation or out! They chose mediation. They worked out a schedule in the office in which they had little actual physical contact. I still employ both. I think it worked because they realized how unprofessional they were acting.

Meet Sheila-Marie

Sheila-Marie Untiedt is a Neutral Mediator on the MN Supreme Court Rule 114 Roster, helping individuals to resolve conflicts in the areas of divorce, child custody, family conflict, workplace conflict, and business conflict.


Sheila-Marie Untiedt

Rule 114 Qualified Mediator, Parenting Consultant PC and Early Neutral Evaluator ENE

Is mediation right for you?

If you’re wondering if mediation will work well for your situation, I’m happy to discuss it with you to see if we would be a good fit.