Mediation For Business Conflicts

business conflict mediationBusiness partnerships, relationship and interactions are very similar to our personal relationships in that business relationships require and thrive on trust, mutual benefit, growth and development just as our personal relationships do. Business relationships bring all the benefits of a strong relationship and they have the same potential challenges, disappointments and conflicts of personal relationships. Now add money to the equation and there is a great potential for conflict.

Vendor Relations

Vendor and supplier relations can often become strained or dysfunctional. A vendor may not fulfill an order on time, the goods may not be as represented, the order maybe a partial order, the invoiced price may not be correct, the initial purchase order may be inaccurate, the list is endless. Strong supplier relationships are key to a successful business relationship but when they are strained the business may literally grind to a stop. Mediation is an excellent tool to get in front of the issue, minimize the damage and potentially repair the vendor relationship.

Partnership Conflicts

Partnership conflicts between business partners are excellent candidates for mediation. As in a personal relationships, business partners need to trust each other, feel the relationship is rewarding and worthy of their commitment and continuing support and energy. Issues usually revolve around a change in leadership, a disagreement of direction, hiring disputes, and financial disputes.

Commercial Landlord Disputes

Disputes that arise between commercial landlords and tenants can be economically challenging to both a landlord and a tenant. Both parties have a significant financial interest at stake, and efficient resolution is typically in everyone’s best interest.