Child Custody Mediation

child custody mediationMediation is an excellent opportunity and a cost effective alternative to create a living and viable arrangement and plan for your children. Every parent, of course, wants what is best for their child and mediation is an opportunity to achieve a supportive and healthy environment for your children.

Child custody and parenting plans are likely areas of conflict and dispute for high conflict couples. Children can become an emotional spark for other issues. Reasonable people can become very unreasonable quickly regarding child custody and parenting time.

Parenting plans and child custody are elements of divorce settlements that can lend themselves very well to mediation. Couples with children have an opportunity to craft a plan and arrangement that honors parents’ concerns, needs and objectives. Both parents have a voice regarding their children’s daily routine and living arrangements, what activities the child participates in, school attendance and academic support, religious training, medical decisions, summer plans and so forth. Through mediation, couples are able to create an arrangement with flexibility if they desire. An arrangement can also be very set and rigid if that will be easier for both parents to honor.

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