Mediation for Dispute Resolution

Mediation is an opportunity to “talk out” conflict and create a resolution to a dispute. Issues can develop between people that potentially are not legal or judicial issues, but yet require discussion and processing. Some common areas of dispute include:

  • Family conflict
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Eldercare issues
  • Conflict with neighbors
  • Workplace conflict
  • Family business disputes

Disputes and disagreements are part of everyday life. Some disputes are easily resolved because both parties share a mutual goal of arriving at a reasonable decision and moving on. Other disputes may have a long history.

Perhaps one party is just not willing to hear the other party’s views. Perhaps, both parties are deeply emotionally invested and not willing to budge one inch. The original issue has now become a case of “winner takes all.”

Neighbors may have a conflict over the garage on the neighbor’s property line that has been ongoing for thirty years, but once the other neighbor got the barking dog, suddenly words were exchanged and threats of lawsuits came into play.

Litigation may determine a “winner” but the neighbors still need to live right next to each other, one the “winner” and the other the “loser.” Mediation is often a better choice for dispute resolution. The two neighbors would identify the problems and issues, work through a discussion of possible and practical resolutions and both been “winners.”

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