Election Fall-out

I now have had two mediations with two separate couples in which both women had decided to leave and divorce due to their partner’s changing political views. I had never mediated a situation like this before and now to have two couples in the same circumstances really caught me by surprise. The couples were similar in age, length of the marriage and frankly might live on the same cul-de-sac.

In both cases the husband had shifted or changed his political viewpoints to be much more conservative than in previous years and also had become combative in conversation, but not physically. The men were now consuming a great deal of news programming, much more than earlier in the marriages.

Both wives were willing to walk away from the marriage because of the shift in political views. Clearly the gender roles could be reversed but in these two cases they women no longer willing to tolerate the relationship and the associated politics.

I suspect neither relationship was without challenges but the angle of repose was Fake News.

Sheila-Marie Untiedt