Parental Agreements

Parenting Consultants work with couples to resolve conflicts and create working plans to positively and effectively parent their children.

When should a Parental Agreement be drafted?

Parenting plans may be voluntary or court ordered. This work may occur previous to a divorce, during the mediation process, apart from mediation or may even be post-divorce decree. Parenting Consulting can have a place when child custody agreements have been altered or changed or need to be in the future. Just as in child custody mediation, the parties agree to work together as best as they humanly can in the best interest of their child or children.

When should a Parental Agreement be reviewed?

Parenting is difficult enough without the additional stresses and challenges of parenting as separated or divorced parents. You will want to review a parental agreement when:

  • One spouse remarries.
  • Concerns regarding physical or emotional health issues arise.
  • Children become involved with sports.
  • Children become teenagers with cars, significant others and part-time jobs.

Parenting Consultants and family mediation can be very helpful to couples wrestling with these issues and the best practices for their children.

For more information on this type of mediation, or to set up your initial consultation, contact Sheila-Marie.

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