Raising kids is hard

Mediation is utilized for many differing types of conflicts. Mediation can be helpful in elder disputes, neighbor issues, landlord and tenant issues, divorce, separations and post divorce decree. I often work with parties after the divorce has been finalized.

Mediation sessions can fine-tune parenting issues that may arise after the divorce. As children age their challenges morph and shift. Originally perhaps choosing a preschool was a challenge but now issues of where to attend school, traveling sports teams, teen drivers or religious training surface. Some divorced parents – honestly still married parents too- manage these transitions easily but many do not. If one or both parents has remarried and is now a blended family with step children in addition to their own children the possible permutations of conflict increase exponentially. Parents who cannot resolve these issues ultimately are struggling to parent effectively and successfully.

Parenting Consultants (PC) are an option available to consider. Parenting Consultants are another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). A PC is appointed by the court. The PC may work with the family for a limited period of time or possibly the entire period the children are minors.

A Parenting Consultant is neutral in relationship to the parents, just as in mediation. The PC is focused on best possible outcomes and decisions for the minor child or children. The PC can function as a coach for the parents because they are able to establish a relationship and a trust level not practical in the court setting. The PC and the parents have a common history and understanding of the family’s specific challenges and skills. A sense of accountability exists also. The PC does have to power to decide how an issue is to be resolved if the parents simply cannot agree.

I am trained as a Parenting Consultant. I intend to work more as a Parenting Consultant. PC work dovetails neatly with mediation and the process truly help the kids and their parents too.