Scenes from the orthodontist’s office

I was waiting at the orthodontist’s office during my child’s appointment. I was seated next to the office door of the financial administer which was closed and I could only hear muffled conversation.

Someone opened the front door which caused the financial administrator’s door to pop open slightly. She did not realize the door had opened or she certainly would have closed it. Honestly, I should have closed it myself and in hindsight I would have. I was so saddened by what I heard.

I entered the conversation right after the phone rang;
“Yes, X has an appointment today at 2:30.”
“No, the bill has not been paid.”
“Yes, I understand this bill is your ex-husband’s responsibility.”
“Yes, I have made many attempts to contact him regarding the balance.”
“Yes, I understand it is not your responsibility.”
“No, I will not try to collect from you.”
“No, I do not know when he intends to pay the balance.”
“What? You want me to instruct the front desk to turn X away?”
“No, I would never refuse scheduled treatments to X.”
“Why not? X needs to have the braces adjusted in a progression. We would never delay or refuse treatment.”
“Well, I am sorry you feel that way.”
“Hello? Hello?”

The administrator was compassionate and caring. She was the lone voice of reason. Poor X, what must her interactions be like when her parents really need to cooperate and support her? I cannot imagine.

Sheila-Marie Untiedt
Rule 114 Qualified Mediator, Parenting Consultant PC and Early Neutral Elevator ENE